The fact that Vietjet Air is headquartered at 302 Kim Ma building, Ba Dinh, Hanoi is to facilitate the transfer of employees from the office to Noi Bai airport in the fastest time. Because personnel being on time before each flight is the survival of each airline.

Therefore, it is obvious that Vietjet air flight attendants always find a rental house near their headquarters, suitable accommodation not only provides convenience for daily life but also helps them move quickly to the headquarters. to take the car to Noi Bai airport.

In this article, we would like to introduce to you readers SaziHome 432 Doi Can – a great choice for Vietjet Air flight attendants and also a favorite place for many customers.

This is a great location for Vietjet Air flight attendants to enjoy life and travel conveniently. This area is located near the center of Hanoi city, near shopping areas, restaurants, convenience stores and entertainment centers, meeting the entertainment and shopping needs of flight attendants.

Facilities and services at SaziHome 432 Doi Can
SaziHome 432 Doi Can is one of the serviced apartments that has attracted many Vietjet Air flight attendants as accommodation. This is an ideal place to live and work with modern facilities and quality services. The apartment is smartly designed with spacious rooms, comfortable equipment and modern furniture. In addition, SaziHome 432 Doi Can also has an extremely affordable price, helping flight attendants save costs; The quiet space here always gives flight attendants relaxation and entertainment after long flights.

Benefits for Vietjet Air flight attendants

SaziHome 432 Doi Can is not only a convenient accommodation but also brings many benefits to Vietjet Air flight attendants. First, the location near the head office at 302 Kim Ma helps flight attendants save time and effort when moving from their accommodation to Noi Bai airport to go to work. Secondly, the dedicated and friendly customer care service at SaziHome 432 Doi Can helps the flight attendants feel comfortable and secure in the process of living and working here. Finally, the presence of many other Vietjet Air flight attendants at SaziHome 432 Doi Can creates a diverse and supportive community, facilitating exchanges and sharing of experiences in the aviation industry.

Choosing SaziHome 432 Doi Can, Vietjet Air flight attendants can enjoy a convenient and comfortable life. With the convenience of moving to Noi Bai airport and modern facilities at SaziHome 432 Doi Can, this is a suitable choice for Vietjet Air flight attendants. In addition, the community of Vietjet Air flight attendants here also creates an environment for exchanging and sharing valuable experiences.