Hotels and Homestays in the Heart of Saigon: The Best Accommodation Choices

When planning your trip to Saigon, choosing the right place to stay plays a crucial role. There are two popular accommodation options: Hotels and Homestays. In this article, we will explore the differences between Hotels and Homestays and why both are worth considering.



  • Diverse Amenities: Hotels in Saigon typically offer a wide range of amenities, including restaurants, bars, fitness centers, spas, and swimming pools. You can indulge in comfort and premium services at hotels.
  • Professional Service: The professional and attentive staff are always ready to meet your needs.


  • Higher Costs: Hotels often come at a higher price compared to Homestays



  • Cultural Experience: Homestays allow you to live with locals, understand, and immerse yourself in the local culture. You can learn to cook, participate in daily life, and create memorable experiences.
  • Affordability: Homestays typically offer more budget-friendly prices compared to hotels, helping you save on your travel expenses.
  • Home-like Feel: Homestays provide you with a cozy, home-like atmosphere where you can relax and enjoy privacy.
  • Freedom and Privacy: At SAZI Homestays, you have maximum freedom. Self-check-in and enjoy private space.


  • Limited Luxuries: Some homestays may lack certain high-end amenities like swimming pools or spas. However, the intimacy and local experience can be a fascinating part of your journey.

For those who enjoy exploring local culture and getting up close and personal, homestays can be an excellent choice. Meanwhile, if you prefer comfort and high-end amenities, hotels might be more suitable. At SAZI, we take pride in offering both options for travelers. Whether you’re someone who enjoys immersing in local life or seeks the best services, we ensure your trip becomes memorable.

Come and discover Saigon with SAZI Hotel and learn more about the diversity of accommodation options in the city center.