12 Tips for a Budget-Friendly Travel Experience

For many people, traveling is considered as luxury, and traveling around the world may seem like a dream come true only if you are a millionaire. But maybe the following 12 money-saving tips will make them reconsider.

1. Take advantage of the free time slots

Museums and attractions will have free opening hours for visitors, and you just need to watch out and plan your visit. Attractions also often have promotions on certain occasions or for certain types of visitors.

2. Find out information through local people

When arriving in a new land, many people often think of hiring a tour guide or buying a tour. But if you spend a little time asking locals or finding yourself a local friend on any travel forums, you save much money and have the opportunity to make new friends.

3. It is not necessary to visit every place

Instead of racing against time to move from one attraction to another, try the slow travel style, choose a few places you are interested in, and explore them carefully. If you want, you can also find a seat to enjoy the destination’s ambiance and see the scenery and people around. For sure, you will save a lot of travel costs and feel the trip is much more meaningful.

4. Flexible travel schedule

If you are flexible with time, choose the departure time with the most optimal fare. Instead of departing on busy occasions like weekends, you can select off peak hours. Besides, keep a close eye on the travel agencies to hunt for cheap tickets and tours.

5. Direct hotel reservation

Booking websites and apps are seemingly convenient yet making people lazy. Remember that convenience costs you additional fees for such intermediaries. Therefore, you absolutely can find the hotel information on your own from their websites and call directly to book and deal prices.

6. Consider renting a serviced apartment

If you go with a group of people, an apartment for rent will be the most ideal. Your group will not have to live separately like a hotel but still have full amenities, especially to save on food and drink costs because the apartment always has a kitchen.

7. Walking as much as you can

Walking is a completely free form of transportation, but it is also good for your health. Not only that, wandering through the streets of your destination is the best way to immerse yourself in the local life, get to know the people and enjoy local food. Alternatively, finding a bike rental can also be a good option if the distance is a bit too far.

8. Have breakfast or lunch at the restaurant

Evening is the time when restaurants are always crowded, especially in tourist venues. Therefore, prices at this time frame may be higher than during the day. Another way to have a hearty but low-cost meal is organizing picnics and preparing food by yourself. You can freely choose food in local markets and supermarkets and just have to cook for a while.

9. Do not bring ATM card

ATM card is a convenient form of payment, but that convenience will make you want to spend more. Instead, use cash to manage your expenses easily and only use an ATM card to withdraw cash.

10. Do not shop in shopping malls

Big and busy shopping malls should only be the place to visit if you do not want to fall into the “out of pocket” situation. Prices here are usually higher than those found in residential markets and shops. Consult with the locals is also a good way and don’t forget to bargain before pulling out your wallet.


11. Save the internet costs

One of the things you need to consider when booking accommodation is the free Wi-Fi connection. So you can significantly reduce costs for 4G and phone calls. Tourist attractions and airports nowadays also provide free Wi-Fi.

12. Buy travel insurance

Travel insurance is one of the most important things but is ignored the most by many people. Only when something goes wrong do people realize the importance of travel insurance. So, do not regret the amount of insurance at first, because what you get when you have an incident will be a much greater number.