Hot Mid-Autumn Festival Spots in Saigon

Enjoying the Mid-Autumn Festival in Saigon at the most sought-after destinations today will help you have a complete moon season and create beautiful memories with your loved ones.

As the time comes around, usually in early August according to the lunar calendar, the Mid-Autumn Festival spots in Saigon are adorned with vibrant lanterns of various shapes and colors. Choosing the hottest destinations in Saigon will help you experience an impressive Mid-Autumn Festival with many beautiful and meaningful moments.

  1. Enjoying the Mid-Autumn Festival in Saigon at AEON Mall Tan Phu One of the popular destinations in Saigon that many families and young people choose every Mid-Autumn Festival is AEON Mall Tan Phu. Here, you will immerse yourself in a space filled with the colors of lanterns, decorative lights, and the lively atmosphere of various activities for children such as making lanterns, lion dances,…2. Nguyen Hue Walking Street – A Must-Visit Mid-Autumn Festival Spot in Saigon Nguyen Hue Walking Street is the go-to spot for Mid-Autumn Festival celebrations in the city named after Uncle Ho. Every Mid-Autumn Festival, Nguyen Hue Walking Street becomes even more dazzling than ever.Rows of lanterns decorating the entire street create hundreds of unique photo corners. The lively music from street bands and the interesting toy stalls make this place even more bustling and cheerful.

    In particular, Nguyen Hue Walking Street is also a Saigon street food paradise with hundreds of enticing dishes. Visitors to Saigon should definitely not miss this destination.

3. Luong Nhu Hoc Lantern Street – a “super hot” spot for Mid-Autumn Festival fun in Saigon If you want to see how beautiful Saigon is at night, head to Luong Nhu Hoc Lantern Street. Thousands of colorful lanterns light up this “never-sleeping” street. Every year, when the full moon of August arrives, this area attracts a large number of young people who come to visit, take pictures, and enjoy the lively atmosphere.

4. Landmark 81 Landmark 81 is the tallest building in Vietnam and one of the top 10 tallest buildings in the world. If you’re enchanted by the grandeur and splendor of Saigon, then Landmark 81 is a destination you can’t miss. Celebrating Mid-Autumn Festival in Saigon at Landmark 81, you’ll have the opportunity to take many stunning Instagram-worthy photos with its luxurious and beautiful background.

Landmark 81 is a commercial complex with various high-end amenities, including a cinema, shopping area, and exceptional dining options. Moreover, at the Landmark 81 restaurant, you can not only savor renowned cuisine from around the world but also enjoy panoramic views of the entire city from a high vantage point.

When exploring Saigon during the Mid-Autumn Festival, it’s essential to have a quality place to rest and prepare for your upcoming adventures. Vinpearl Landmark 81, Autograph Collection, offers luxurious and top-tier accommodations with numerous 5-star services, ensuring you’ll have a memorable vacation.

5. White Rabbit Park

One of the most beloved free Mid-Autumn Festival destinations in Saigon is the White Rabbit Park. This park features meticulously arranged landscapes with vibrant colors.

On the night of the Mid-Autumn Festival, White Rabbit Park comes alive with numerous exciting activities. You can witness performances from popular characters like Chi Hang, Uncle Cuoi, and White Rabbit, who interact with the children and give them gifts. Additionally, there are magic shows, circus acts, live music, lantern parades, lion dances, and more. Therefore, if you’re still undecided about where to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival in Saigon, White Rabbit Park is undoubtedly a must-visit destination.

6. Starlight Bridge, Saigon

From the Starlight Bridge in Saigon, you can admire the picturesque Crescent Lake. On the night of the 8th lunar month, the moon shines brightly, blending with the sparkling multicolored lights and the gentle breeze, making this place an ideal Mid-Autumn Festival spot for couples.

7. Ho Chi Minh City Children’s Palace

To welcome the Mid-Autumn Festival night, if you’re wondering where to celebrate in Saigon, you can choose the Ho Chi Minh City Children’s Palace. Here, there will be many exciting activities such as musical theater performances featuring characters like Sister Hang and Brother Cuoi, traditional folk games, and more. For families with young children, this is an ideal choice.

8. Suoi Tien Park and Dam Sen Park

Suoi Tien Park and Dam Sen Park are must-visit destinations for a one-day trip to Saigon during the Mid-Autumn Festival. During this time, these places become extremely vibrant and lively. Everywhere is decorated with colorful lanterns. Besides, many exciting activities are organized, such as singing and dancing with Brother Cuoi and Sister Hang, lantern parades, and gift-receiving games.

9. Bui Vien Street

The liveliest place to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival in Saigon is undoubtedly Bui Vien Street. The streets are adorned with various lantern designs, creating a festive atmosphere.

Traditional games like ô ăn quan (a Vietnamese board game), jump rope, and artistic performances take place, with the main stage set up right on the street. These are all things that delight everyone, especially foreign tourists.

10. Le Thi Rieng Park

Le Thi Rieng Park features a large expanse of greenery covered with hundreds of shady trees. It becomes a familiar place every Mid-Autumn Festival due to activities like releasing lanterns and lantern parades. You’ll capture stunning, shimmering photos with the glowing lanterns reflected on the water.

11. Crescent Lake

Dubbed as a miniature Hoi An in the heart of glamorous Saigon, Crescent Lake is a beloved tourist destination in Saigon. On the night of the Mid-Autumn Festival, you will see ancient houses illuminated by hundreds of colorful lanterns.

12. Rooftop Cafes

If you want a serene space to admire the city sparkling with Mid-Autumn lanterns, rooftop cafes are an ideal choice. Some cafes with stunning views include Café-bar Blank Lounge, Sài Gòn Chill Sky, Shangri-la Sky, Café EON Bar, King Rooftop Coffee, and more.

Gazing at the moon, savoring mooncakes, and listening to melodious music on a breezy rooftop cafe with friends and loved ones will create unforgettable memories for you.

With information about the 12 hottest Mid-Autumn Festival spots in Saigon, you can easily plan your festive activities for the upcoming moon festival. Additionally, don’t forget to book a hotel room at Vinpearl Landmark 81, Autograph Collection, to ensure you don’t miss the opportunity to experience luxurious and high-quality services while fully enjoying a meaningful Mid-Autumn Festival in your own special way!