There are only a few days left until Halloween , at Bui Vien walking street (District 1), the festive atmosphere is gradually vibrant with quite scary “ghost” models, creating a creepy feeling.

It was noted that on Bui Vien walking street, restaurants and bars are filled with “ghost” images before Halloween, creating a feeling of horror.


This Western neighborhood is always the most vibrant place for many young people and tourists to have fun every Halloween.

Spooky miniature scenes are decorated by staff right in front of the entrances to the shops.

“Every year on Halloween, many people come here to have fun. About half a month ago, we decorated mannequins, skulls, pumpkins, etc. The more horrifying the models are, the more interested customers will be. We also buy and decorate these items to attract customers” – said a representative of a restaurant on Bui Vien Street.

A bar decorated with white mannequins and smoke filled with horror.

Halloween (also known as devil festival, masquerade festival) is a major festival held on October 31 every year.

When introduced to Vietnam, Halloween has now become one of the most popular festivals of the year among young people in Ho Chi Minh City.

According to Western concepts, Halloween (shortened from “All Hallows Evening”) is the day hell opens for ghosts to return to earth to look for humans, enter the body and be reincarnated. Therefore, on this day, people will wear masks or dress up as fierce ghosts to chase away ghosts.