Currently, there are many hotels that are being used by bad guys to install hidden cameras for personal purposes. These hidden cameras are often mounted in difficult-to-detect locations, even though there is not enough light, but still have the ability to record well. Therefore, checking hidden cameras when going to a hotel is one of the very important things. Below is a simple way to detect hidden cameras in hotels and motels that anyone can do.

Turn off the light combined with the flash and phone camera

Most hidden cameras are equipped with red or green LED lights. If placed in hidden locations, they will flicker more due to poor lighting. When turning off all the lights in the room, observe those signs. You can close your eyes for about 5 seconds and then open them. Your eyes will adapt to the dark and observe more easily.

In addition, you should use your phone’s flash/flashlight when the naked eye cannot detect it. Shine a beam of light across the room, if there is another recording device, it will reflect the light back.

Another way is to turn on your phone’s camera and also film around the room in recording mode. If there is an object that is another camera – a hidden camera when going to a hotel, it will reflect or show light spots on the screen.

Notice the mirrors on the walls in bedrooms and bathrooms

Check if the mirror is a two-way mirror or not by placing your finger perpendicular to the mirror surface. If the finger and the fingertip’s reflection are spaced apart, it is a normal mirror. If they touch each other, it is a two-way mirror, there is a high possibility that there is a camera on the other side.

Humming sound of hidden camera when going to hotel

You can make a phone call and then go through locations suspected of having cameras installed. The phone may make a buzzing sound when it encounters electromagnetic-emitting objects such as cameras.

It is similar to the phenomenon when we leave the phone near an active speaker. The speaker will be noisy due to the influence of electromagnetic waves.

Observe the objects in the room

The most common places to hide cameras in the home are electronic devices. Then there are smoke detectors, electrical outlets, digital TVs, Internet boxes, wall outlets, air purifiers, alarm clocks.

Other popular items to consider are wall clocks, pens, lava lamps, tissue boxes, etc. Plants (among the leaves) and vases are also popular.

Find hidden cameras when going to hotels with specialized equipment

If you have enough money, you can buy specialized equipment to detect hidden cameras. Basically, these devices are capable of detecting radio signals (RF), magnetic fields, infrared rays… used by cameras and microphones.

Besides, you should also search and stay at reputable hotels with high reviews on booking systems and social networking platforms to avoid unnecessary risks from hidden cameras when going to hotels. Sazi Hotel always understands the seriousness of the hidden camera problem, so it always tries to check as best as possible before guests check in.