As a developed city, Saigon has no shortage of entertainment spots for young people. Especially dating sites for couples. Save the extremely romantic dating places in Saigon with Sazi.

1. Crescent Lake Park – Starlight Bridge

With a cool, quiet space with fresh air, Crescent Lake Park is a place where many people come to relax, including couples. Nearby is the Starlight Bridge with a length of 154m, winding like the moon. Below the bridge is a system of colorful LED lights, at night it looks like a brilliant galaxy. From here you can see the entire romantic lake scene, romantic park and street scene with shimmering buildings on both sides.

2. Nguyen Hue Walking Street

It is the entertainment center of the city with famous cafes and places selling delicious and cheap snacks for dating couples to eat and drink. Not only can you walk hand in hand and relax with your partner, but you can also watch unique street art performances such as: flashmob dancing, dance covers, folk instrument performances,… or participate in games. fun play. Nguyen Hue Walking Street is a date spot with lots of activities without spending a lot of money.

3. Bach Dang Wharf – Dating Places in Saigon

This is known as a romantic dating location in Saigon, very suitable for couples to relax, change the atmosphere and enjoy the scenery, away from the noise of the city. In the middle of a vast river, sitting on floating restaurants with impressive designs and enjoying meals together makes everyone attracted. Especially, if you come at night from here, you can also watch the street scene with sparkling lights.

4. Bui Vien Walking Street

Bui Vien is known as one of the busiest entertainment and walking streets in Saigon day or night. Not only people here but tourists also like to visit in large numbers. If you and your “person” have the same taste in street dating, then come to this place right away to enjoy the crowded atmosphere and enjoy a world of rich cuisine from popular dishes, drinking dishes, seafood, Western dishes, Korean dishes,… at reasonable prices for everyone.

5. Turle Lake

This place is one of the famous tourist attractions in Saigon, tourists coming to this city want to check in once. The lake is a “favorite” spot for Saigon teenagers as well as couples, especially in the afternoon to sit, eat, drink and enjoy the cool air. There are countless dishes to freely enjoy, from mixed rice paper to smoothies, sweet soup, etc. If you come here often, you can also witness funny love stories and breakups.

6. White Rabbit Park

This children’s play area is sparklingly and brilliantly decorated with rows of red lanterns and fun games. This place also has many interesting things to visit and go on dates for couples. Not only that, the park is also one of the mid-autumn festival destinations in Saigon that is always crowded and bustling. On weekdays, the shops on both sides also have many delicious dishes, so you and your lover can sit around eating, drinking, and chatting.

7. Messageries Maritimes Company Bridge

This arch-shaped bridge spanning the Ben Nghe River connects District 1 and District 4 of Saigon. Before, the car still circulated back and forth, but now it has stopped working. This place has long been a favorite place for couples to enjoy the breeze and go on dates. With its beautiful beauty by the romantic river, many young people often come here to take impressive photos with a gentle, romantic style or transform into old Saigon girls.

8. 30/4 Park – Dating Places in Saigon

When traveling to Saigon, don’t forget to stop by this park with cool and airy green space to visit. This location is also where couples often hold hands and walk to breathe fresh air or sit under the trees or grass to enjoy comfortable moments, watching the streets pass slowly. Not only that, around this place there are also many amusement parks, shopping centers, etc., convenient for sightseeing and traveling.

This weekend, choose a place to go on a date.