For those who have never been to a hotel and the team that loves going to hotels but has a “golden fish brain” that doesn’t forget this and that. Save Sazi’s list of notes when check-out hotel. Every time you check out, just open it and you’re done!

1️⃣ Gather and stow your belongings as soon as possible

It’s quite important to gather all your belongings. This gives you more time to check again before leaving and be ready when it’s time to check-out. Arranging too hastily at the end of the day will definitely cause you to get confused and easily forget things.

2️⃣ Take a lap around the room before leaving

Going around the room is one way to help you check to see if your things are still in the room or not. Especially in the most forgotten places like on the bed, next to the pillow, under the bed, safe, toilet, bathroom, closet to make sure nothing is missed.

3️⃣ Don’t forget things

Especially necessary items such as phone chargers and personal items if you don’t want your trip to become a worse trip than ever.

4️⃣ Wrap souvenirs to bring home – notes when check-out hotel

Some hotels will prepare extremely special and lovely souvenirs for their guests. Don’t be afraid that others will think you’re from the countryside, on the contrary, the hotel will be very happy if you can bring those gifts home.

5️⃣ Carefully check used items before checking out

If you use a minibar, snacks, or order food or drinks, please remember to check for accuracy to avoid unnecessary misunderstandings.
With this list of 5 steps, you won’t be afraid of forgetting things later, everyone. Hotel check-out has never been simpler with Sazi Hotel!