If you are about to have a business trip in Ho Chi Minh City, the need to find a hotel near the airport for convenient transportation is extremely important. Sazi Hotel is one of the hotels that receives high reviews from experienced customers as a prominent hotel near the airport in Tan Binh.

Convenient location

Sazi Hotel is located at 18 Song Nhue, Tan Binh – extremely convenient location right next to the airport and near dining, shopping and entertainment areas in Tan Binh. Located in an area near the center but extremely quiet and easy to find is the reason why Sazi Hotel Tan Binh is trusted and chosen by customers.

Good price – Hotel near the airport in Tan Binh

Although located near the airport, Sazi Hotel Tan Binh has extremely reasonable prices, suitable for all needs from couples, business, leisure to family travel. Along with many incentives and promotions taking place continuously, it will definitely make you satisfied.

The room is luxuriously designed, modern and fully equipped

This is the most important factor that makes your trip and stay more comfortable and fun. A fully equipped room with luxurious and classy design is what Sazi always wants to bring.

Diverse room types

Sazi Hotel in Tan Binh has many types of rooms for you to choose from, from rooms with balconies to rooms with large windows, from rooms with bathtubs to rooms with separate desks. Every room is kept neat and clean to ensure 100% hygiene before guests check in.

Working or staying in Ho Chi Minh City, don’t miss Sazi Hotel Tan Binh!