Besides the long, busy day with bustling traffic and the rush of people and vehicles, mornings in Saigon are something very gentle and full of thoughtful activities. You’ve been in Saigon for a long time but maybe you don’t know what people usually do in the morning in this city. Here are some suggestions from Sazi to help you truly enjoy a morning in Saigon.

Watching the sunrise at Ben Bach Dang park

Surely you are not unfamiliar with Ben Bach Dang Park, right? A place where every night bustling with people pass by. But at the same location, the morning will be the ideal place for people to watch the sunrise every morning in Saigon.

The park is large along the river and the paths are also big. Come here early in the morning to walk around a few times to refresh yourself. While walking, you can watch the sunrise slowly brightening in the other corner of the sky. The rays of sunlight reflected and sparkled on the river surface, very warm and fresh. The feeling of welcoming a new day like that is much more interesting.

Public cycling

Dien Bien Phu, Nguyen Thi Minh Khai,… are famous for being crowded roads in Saigon mornings, especially during rush hours. But have you ever thought that early in the morning, around 5 o’clock, you could rent a public bicycle and ride along these tree-filled roads? Doing light exercise in the morning while looking at familiar roads through a very different perspective.

Almost all central districts such as 1 and 3 have many public bicycle stations. You just need to download the TNGO application in advance, go to the nearest station, unlock your bike and ride. Not only the above roads, you can cycle around famous places such as the Independence Palace, Notre Dame Cathedral, walking streets, city theaters… I guarantee you will have a new perspective on Saigon, the places seem familiar but in a different light.

Sidewalk coffee

Sidewalk coffee is probably no longer strange to everyone, especially sidewalk coffee in the morning in Saigon. Familiar places that you can visit to have a cup of coffee to wake up the spirit of Saigon mornings such as coffee shop at Notre Dame Cathedral, Independence Palace,…

The drinks here are not too sophisticated but very diverse, Bac Xiu coffee is too familiar, peach tea, lychee ginseng and pineapple tea are enough, you are spoiled for choice. There are also a few small vendors here selling bread and banh day for you to have breakfast without worrying about hunger. The street corners are crowded with small chairs, tarpaulins spread along both sides of the sidewalk, cups of coffee, and chatting with friends.

Have breakfast and enjoy the morning in Saigon

In Saigon, there are many delicious – nutritious – cheap breakfast restaurants with all types from North to South. So don’t worry about not being able to find a satisfying dish to start the day. Eating breakfast is both good for your health and helps you gain positive energy to start a new day. Don’t skip breakfast!

Enjoying the morning in Saigon is a type of experience that you must experience at least once. A Saigon full of love and energy!