Although you go to hotels a lot, you may not know that there are items or gifts from the hotel that you can comfortably bring back without being reminded by the receptionist. Below are some hotel items you can bring back without losing money at Sazi Hotel in particular and hotels in general.

1. Personal hygiene items

Toothbrushes, toothpaste, shampoo, shower gel, bar soap, razors, cotton swabs, combs and shower caps in the hotel are all disposable items, so guests can take them home freely. without fear of being charged extra. However, the truth is that most of these items are not of the same quality as the ones you buy outside, so you can get them for your own taste, but if you want to use them for a long time, you shouldn’t.

2. Indoor slippers

It is known that room slippers at some hotels are single-use, meaning that once a guest puts them on, hotel staff will collect them and throw them away without washing them or reusing them. Hygiene issues like this become even more strict when they are high-end, luxury hotels.

Normally, the slippers you can bring home from the hotel are often flimsy, not durable, and are sometimes even kept in plastic bags for one-time use. In these cases, no hotel will ask for the slippers back if the customer intends to take them home. If so, is that hotel so “inferior” that it allows customers to reuse their slippers?

3. Mineral water, tea bags and packet coffee

In most hotels in the world, including luxury or budget hotels, guests are always given 2 free bottles of mineral water every day. You can find them in the refrigerator, on the table or in the cup holder in the bathroom. In addition, packet coffee and tea bags are also free things you can take away if you want after checking out.

4. Laundry bag

In some luxury hotels, laundry bags are often hung in the closet and this is often integrated into the hotel’s laundry service. If you forget to bring a dirty bag, you can still get this bag instead.

5. Various types of travel guidebooks, brochures and maps

If you want to spend your free time visiting but don’t know where to go, go down to the lobby and look for brochures placed near the reception area for reference. At the same time, the reception staff can also provide you with information about places to play, eat and drink as well as send you travel “tips” books and free maps.

However, you should still check the price list of valuable items in the room or ask the hotel staff to avoid trouble when checking out.