For days when there is no energy left to work, instead of continuing to drag tired steps without bringing any results, STAYCATION is a perfect choice. If you still don’t know where to go and what to do, don’t take a look at these 5 staycation ideas in Saigon from Sazi.

Explore outstanding destinations in Saigon

Some destinations such as Notre Dame Cathedral, City Post Office,… seem too familiar to the point of being boring but are symbols of the city that are worth exploring.

Staycation with peaceful and comfortable homestay

Changing your living space feels no different from a long trip but without having to travel far or take too many days off. Suggesting to you a home located right in the center of District 1 but still retaining its peaceful and gentle features at an extremely light price, Sazi will definitely satisfy you.

Go camping near Saigon – staycation ideas in Saigon

If you want to temporarily leave the noisy, bustling life of the inner city, you can choose campsites right in Saigon or in the suburbs. Beautiful scenery, quiet space immersed in nature will help you “live slowly” and regenerate both physically and mentally.

Temporarily forget about deadlines with the river bus

Following the bus route, you will admire the city’s famous and symbolic works named after Uncle Ho such as Saigon Bridge, Thu Thiem Bridge, Landmark 81 building, Vinhomes Central Park urban area, Ben Thanh Da …

Experience the lemongrass hotel

Sazi Hotel also has luxurious rooms and creates a classy feeling no different from 4-5 star hotels in other tourist cities. With 3 branches in District 1 and 1 branch in Tan Binh, you have more choices for your staycation.

If you don’t know where to go to regenerate your energy this weekend, immediately refer to 5 suggestions from Sazi and book a room at Sazi to rest!