Up to now, whether or not to tip hotel staff is still very controversial. You can tip or not depending on your preference. But try reading this article to find out more information with Sazi Hotel about why you should tip hotel staff.

You should tip hotel staff because…

Tipping is a very common habit in Western countries, but it seems to be quite strange to Vietnamese people. However, tipping culture is very important, especially when you travel because it is being adopted by more and more countries around the world.

Many people believe that whether or not they tip the hotel is often not important. Because the service fee was included in the room fee when they paid, and they felt sorry for having to pay an extra amount to the waiter. But there are also people who think that tipping is a cultural expression of gratitude to those who helped you clean the room.

Guests often give tips at hotels to receptionists, housekeepers, doorman or bellman, positions that have direct contact and serve customers.

In foreign countries, people often pay a lot of attention to tips for hotel staff. They can leave a tip of 1 – 2 USD per day or leave a tip after finishing their stay in the room.

Statistics show that hotel waiters receive quite low salaries, which means they really need additional income such as bonuses and tips. In addition, these people also had to work very hard to clean the toilet, change the bed sheets and clean up the messy room left by the guests. With those reasons, it can be seen that they really deserve a tip.

So how much money is enough to tip at a hotel?

There’s no need to worry about how much money you need to tip. Just be sincere, you can tip depending on your budget or in accordance with the satisfaction you achieve.

The American Hotel Association recommends that each guest should leave 1 – 5 USD per day. For mid-range hotels and cheap hotels, you can tip from 20,000 VND, but for high-class luxury hotels, you should tip from 50,000 VND – 100,000 VND.

However, if your finances are a bit tight, you can also tip a small amount. Even if it’s a small amount, with a sincere thank you, your room service person will definitely be very grateful.

How to properly tip hotel staff?

Can you tip or not? But if you tip, please tip respectfully and culturally. For example, you can tip the room staff by giving it directly or placing it on small tables in the hotel room. Then include a thank you note.

This not only makes a good impression on you, but also helps those hard-working people feel happy, at the same time they also feel respected, contributing to their reputation. cover some expenses for their food journey.

If you are not served well, you can reduce the tip or even not tip at all if you feel their service attitude is too much and does not satisfy you. When booking a hotel room during Tet, you need to increase the tip, to both consider it as a Tet bonus for them and to sincerely thank them.

When traveling abroad, you should carefully research the tipping culture of the country you are visiting. Because some countries often have different tipping cultures.