2023 is a year with many hot trends, from fun and humorous to novel and highly impressive. Let’s see if you know the trends that are causing social media storms below.

“Flex” trend

This is a trend that everyone has definitely heard of. Flex brings motivation to strive or uses flex as an excuse to brag about everything, flex to satisfy one’s need for recognition… these are young people’s opinions surrounding the trend that has “taken over” social networks. Meeting from July 2023.

This trend became most impressive with the birth of the “Flex until the last breath” community with the number of participants increasing rapidly, reaching nearly 1.5 million members. The rapid increase in the number of members, content, and flex topics of the group partly shows that this is one of the trends that attracts many young people to respond and participate.

Participating in this trend, many of you are international students, athletes, masters, PhDs working abroad or even famous singers and artists. Typical faces such as MC Khanh Vy; Ha Myo (Typical young Vietnamese face of 2022); Miss Luong Thuy Linh; hot girl Nguyen Lam Thao Tam; climbers of the Road to Mount Olympia…

Create anime animations using AI applications

Loopsie is an application that has recorded a significant increase in Vietnamese users in recent days, allowing the creation of images similar to Anime cartoons. This application allows creating interesting animation effects on static images, making them more vivid and impressive.

The images created by AI applications are very attractive to the online community partly because they are based on the style of Anime cartoons. This is a typical Japanese animation genre but has become popular worldwide with its diverse and sophisticated graphic quality.

To use, users need to download the app with a capacity of nearly 200 MB, and at the same time allow the application to access the photo store. In just about 20-30 seconds, you can create a photo in another version.

The trend of creating AI avatars that are more beautiful than real life

Recently, the Zalo application launched a new feature – creating avatars using Zalo AI Avatar, young people have quickly “transformed” portrait avatars to make them more unique. Many young people are excited because AI portraits are more beautiful than real life.

Specifically, this feature uses AI technology to analyze the user’s facial features and create corresponding icons. It is capable of creating high-quality and relatively realistic personal images.

Livestream trend simulating virtual characters on TikTok

The “virtual character simulation” livestream that is making waves on TikTok comes from the symbol NPC (Non-player character) – only characters in games that players cannot control. In video games, this character is controlled by a computer through artificial intelligence.

The more “unintelligible” or strange things they do, or even the more they reveal their senseless state, the person who livestreams “simulating a virtual character” on TikTok will receive gifts with coin or commission symbols, which can then be converted. the corresponding monetary value.

Participants in this trend will conduct live broadcasts, transform into NPC characters such as princesses, spider-man… with investments from costumes, to make-up, learning accents, expressions of the characters in the game for accurate interaction.

From this toxic trend, many ordinary people suddenly became TikTokers with tens of thousands of followers with horror and offensive content that negatively affects the psychology of young people.

Countless “82nd tribulations”

“The 82nd Tribulation” has become a popular phrase on social networks, to refer to difficult, difficult or tragic situations in life. Netizens have been creative and flexible in using this phrase. in video clips, chats, posts and funny pictures with many different topics.

“Swinging trends” situations such as: Going to school cannot avoid the 82nd disaster which is an unexpected test without prior preparation; On the way to work, accident number 82 is getting stuck in traffic on time to go to work; Open the refrigerator door, the 82nd disaster is that there is no food left; The 82nd disaster is called “getting married”…

In particular, the culinary trend – one of the fields that creates a “stir” on social networks with salted coffee, custard apple tea, dragon fruit noodles, hand-pounded lemon tea… In particular, the trend group about “famous slang” such as: flex, right, admit wrong, 82nd accident… have the most number of discussions and interactions compared to the music and culinary fields.