If you are a food lover, District 1 is a paradise not to be missed. Join Sazi to take a look at some outstanding delicious restaurants in District 1 and save them now to enjoy when you have the opportunity.

Mrs. Du’s fish sauce hotpot

Ba Du fish sauce hotpot, a traditional dish popular with people in the West, is famous. The fish sauce hotpot here is deliciously prepared, with a broth that has the typical flavor of the river region, creating an authentic culinary experience. In particular, the restaurant offers a variety of fresh seafood such as fish, shrimp and a rich vegetable buffet for diners to choose from. When coming here, diners can be completely assured about the quality of this District 1 specialty fish sauce hotpot.

The restaurant not only has a signature dish of fish sauce hotpot, but the menu also has many other delicious dishes: Crab hotpot and Seafood hotpot. Diners also love the flavor of additional dishes such as straw frogs and young eggs. One of the biggest plus points of the restaurant is that there is never a shortage of vegetables. The restaurant has its own clean vegetable counter that is constantly filled by staff. Just looking at the trays of fresh green vegetables makes hot pot lovers stop and enjoy immediately.

A Tung Cambodian Grilled Beef Bread with Butter

Every afternoon when passing by Cong Quynh street, you will definitely not be able to resist the fragrant flavor of grilled meat. When it comes to grilled beef sandwiches with butter, a place to eat in District 1 that cannot be missed is A Tung’s restaurant. This is a restaurant that is loved by many young people and is always crowded with customers.

Overall, this is a quite unique dish so you can change your taste. The bread is smeared with fragrant butter, the grilled meat is marinated and eaten with pickled papaya, the whole blend creates a super delicious dish. And the price is also quite reasonable.

Delicious restaurants in District 1 with Central flavors – An Nam Quan

Am Nam Quan, a leading culinary destination in District 1, stands out with its diversity of Central dishes. With a rich menu of 85 dishes, of which 60% are typical flavors of Da Nang, the restaurant has attracted a large number of diners. Outstanding dishes such as grilled snakehead fish in banana leaves or Da Nang pork rice paper are options not to be missed when visiting the restaurant.

Am Nam Quan’s space, with a capacity of 100 guests, combines the ancient look of a French-era villa and the simplicity of Central Vietnam architecture. In particular, the Chicken on the Tray dish – with a combination of roasted chicken, chicken salad, and delicious chicken sticky rice – is a highlight that attracts customers. Diners come to Am Nam Quan not only to enjoy the unique culinary flavors but also to experience the unique space in the heart of vibrant Saigon.

Hoa crab shop

Hoa crab restaurant is located on Truong Quoc Dung street, always known for its famous and delicious crab hotpot. The restaurant’s hotpot is sweet and sour, and when eaten with crab, it becomes even more flavorful. The crabs chosen for hot pot cooking here are always large crabs with firm meat brought from as far away as Ca Mau. Crabs are kept fresh, and when eaten by customers, they are put into the hot pot, along with some corn and tomatoes.

Ms. Tuyen’s grilled pork noodle soup

Just hearing the name Ms. Tuyen’s grilled meat vermicelli already feels close and familiar. And really, this grilled meat vermicelli has long become a favorite dining destination in District 1 for many people.

With a long age and spacious and clean space, Ms. Tuyen’s grilled meat noodle shop is not only delicious but also very low in grease. It would be great if you could enjoy the taste of a bowl of grilled pork vermicelli that is both delicious and cheap.

Dimsum Homemade – Delicious restaurants in District 1

Homemade Dimsum is an extremely famous dining location in District 1 that you should not miss. This place is a paradise of delicious Chinese dishes. Not only that, the space of the restaurant is also decorated in Chinese style, customers can take home or eat on the spot.

Dalat vermicelli noodles – Place to eat in District 1

Dalat vermicelli noodle soup is a dining destination in District 1 that is very familiar to many Saigon residents. The food here has an elegant flavor, rich in crab flavor but still feels the sweet, fatty, irresistible taste of the broth. This is definitely the perfect dish for you.

Not only that, the restaurant also has a space that brings a feeling of closeness and spaciousness so you can comfortably enjoy delicious dishes. That’s why this place always receives a lot of compliments from diners.

Mr. Co Giang Tea

Weather like Saigon but cooled down with a cup of tea at MR. There is nothing better than Co Giang tea. This is a familiar and indispensable dining place in District 1 for many people. With spacious, airy space and excellent tea quality. This place will definitely give you special experiences on the tip of your tongue.

Huynh Hoa Bread

If you are a foodie, you cannot help but know Huynh Hoa bread. Coming here, you will enjoy delicious, large loaves of bread with crispy crusts served with enough toppings to fill your mouth. Just hearing it makes me crave it so much!

Oc Dao

Oc Dao Restaurant is a dining location in District 1 that is too familiar to many people. Located on busy Nguyen Trai street so it is known by many young people. The most special thing at the restaurant is the unique and rich processing method, so it is very suitable for many types of snails.

ốc đào

The point to recognize the brand here is the extremely fresh and delicious dishes. The space is comfortable, spacious and has a large capacity even though it is in District 1. In addition to serving snail dishes, the restaurant also has many other attractive dishes.

Staying at Sazi District 1, you will have extremely convenient access to the delicious restaurants mentioned above. Save it now!